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Visa for Immigration Worker Under Reform

Visa for Immigration Worker Under Reform
Visa for Immigration Worker Under Reform

As the Republicans and the Democrats of the Senate move close to the agreement of offering a chance to the citizens of US regarding the 11 million immigrants who are unrecorded and undocumented, it is observed that a long time dispute in relation to organized workers and risks in business sectors tops the momentum of options and measures to be finalized.

The two constituencies of the Senate are in confusion and debate regarding the new program that allows US work visa to several low skilled immigrant workers, thus putting the lawmakers under pressure in regard to a compromise. While the unions of the business sector are pressing for the approval of a restricted system of visa which will guarantee better salary and wages to immigrant workers who will be visiting later, on the other hand the business segment prefers a broader visa program that will allow them to enjoy easy hiring benefits.

It makes for a tough option to select as both parties differ about the immigration plan in regard to the citizenship and visa system of undocumented workers. In order to settle for a solution, a group of eight senators are discussing on this issue with regard to the security and work verification about the legal system of immigration.

According to the words of Marco Rebio of Florida, a senate member of the Republican group, negotiation about the “guest worker” is the toughest part of the discussion. He says that he will not support a bill that does not provide with solution to people who will be visiting the nation for temporary needs. He makes it clear that the labor movement is no secret with few exceptions that need to be changed in the immigration bill.

The disagreement between these two significant differences between Republicans and the Democrats are making for the strongest constituencies in relation to the achievement of their policy goals to improve their electoral presence in the nation.

In the presidential election of 2012, Hispanics counted for 10 percent which had Obama wining 71 percent of the votes whereas 27 percent was backed by the Republican who has offered the proposal of self-deportation in regard to immigrants who are not documented. From that year, there was hype among the Republicans of backing the status of undocumented migrants legally.

At the same time, some Republicans unveiled the reformed policies regarding comprehensive immigration which however started shrinking in its appeal. In the words of former governor of the Republican National Committee, it is not to be done in the interest of parties but the economy of the nation.

If there is no scope for guest workers, we will have to hold the bill from approval, says Rendell. He says that they will do the best from their end to protect the interest of systemized workers.

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