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Twitter Planning to Add Music App

Twitter Planning to Add Music App
Twitter Planning to Add Music App

Twitter, the popular web based company for social messaging, is all prepared and ready to venture in the segment of mobile music application through which users will be allowed to play songs along with sharing option on various Apple devices. Sources that are updated about the new development planning, reveals that the app will be in sync with the need and requirement of modern age.

It is heard that the app will be able to stream music from the SoundCloud, which is known as a berlin based company that allows audio sharing opportunities and services. The sources demanded not to be named as this plan is yet to be officially announced by the organization. Last year, twitter had acquired a media startup in digital format as part of its marketing boost up in regard to this music segment.

To beat the rivals and allow users spend much more time at their social messaging site, Twitter is also offering with more than 140 character facility, thus ensuring more access and clients. Recently, the company released a video application in the month of January. it is estimated that Twitter plans to add music to this app to give audio record companies a better way to promote steaming of new tracks, added with the advantage of Twitter’s goodwill and network facility.

It is observed that internet users are gradually relying on various social media website to enjoy access to steaming music and video, including Spotify Ltd. and Rdio Inc which allows users and subscribers to share and play songs through playlists of Facebook. Last week, this social media site also updated its news feed page to provide users with easier ways of discovering new and easy music easily.

Soundcloud, the app that is being updated by Twitter for better user base, allows artists to create music which can be easily available to users along with quick listening facility and notation on the song tracks. Twitter and Soundcloud goes for a partnership which is expected to allow users share these songs through mobile also, states a source associated with the company.

This news about Twitter’s plan was revealed to the two executives after this update was announced at CNET. However it was not clear if Twitter will indulge in separate contractual agreement with the music organization of SoundCloud. On the other hand, the news of Twitter purchasing ‘We are Hunted’ app was also reported at CNET, but the deal terms are not yet determined and assured.

Spokesman for Twitter at San Francisco, Carolyn Penner, however refused to comment on this plan and development of musical app. Kristina Weise of SoundCloud also declined to comment. Twitter is on its move to improve its site and social message offering to attract client base better.

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