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Topshop Can Turn Out To Be A Billion Dollar Business in the United States

Topshop Can Turn Out To Be A Billion Dollar Business in the United States
Topshop Can Turn Out To Be A Billion Dollar Business in the United States

The innovator and lead behind the Topshop fashion brand, Sir Philip Green, is now looking forward towards making his brand a billion dollar business in America. The statement has been previously issued by the owner of this top notch brand, so it can be said that there is some justification in his claim. The revenues of the brand now seem to be on the rise in the realms of the United States. The brand’s target is to generate a significant global expansion through which they would be able to bag millions on a yearly basis. Moreover, the chief executive of the company also aims to open about 30 stores in the US.

Not to forget that Phillip has been the retail award in terms of his outstanding contributions towards the development of the sector. But it is also important to note here that the fashion market in the United States is quite diffused, developed and versatile. In other words, making their mark among the top fashion brands in the country would indeed be quite a daunting task. More would indeed be needed from the side of the company in terms of getting the maximum number of sales. At the present times, the leading brands of the Arcadia group include Topshop and Topman. Both of these brands have their offices and outlets in NY, LA, Chicago and Los Vegas. With each addition of the stores in the US fashion markets, the profits have always been going up and up.

In replying to the question that had been asked from the side of the Sunday Telegraph he replied that the company aims to have nearly 25 to 30 stores in the US. He also continued by saying that they would also be launching a number of small shops in the most of the US states. At the same time, Philip is also looking to expand the span of the business to the Middle East regions. The prime countries in which he plans to expand the services include China and India. Seen from this, it can be termed that the business sales and profits would indeed be notched if the company would be able to attract the customers of those regions. But among all these strategies, it is also important to note that the company plans to use a well calculated strategy for their sales in the US, which is an open testament to the diffusion of the fashion world in the country.

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