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The US Stocks Rise in Response to the Federal Reserve Meeting

The US Stocks Rise in Response to the Federal Reserve Meeting
The US Stocks Rise in Response to the Federal Reserve Meeting

The US Stocks had risen steadily in lines to the meeting of the Fed Reserve about whether they need to push harder or not in order to boost the economy. The meeting has indeed lowered down the tensions a bit that had been created on the Cyprus issue. It is evident that the Island Nation needs to go for a bailout in order save itself from the crisis and other financial obligations. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up by 59 points which is about 0.4 % in total. The figures now stand at 14,514 at the time of about 10: 38 a.m. according to The Eastern Time Zone. Apart from this, a different ball game had been seen in terms of the stocks on Tuesday, in which the performance from all the indexes had been poor in comparison to the ones seen in the past few weeks. Brian Gendreau, an official and a strategist from The Cetera Financial Group, said in this regard that the market has finally decided that Cyprus has been overblown as an issue.

He also added that the traders are now thinking about the precedent that needs to be set for the Cyprus issues in order to lower down the chances of any crisis that might come this way. But keeping in view the status of the nation in terms of being a financial haven for a number of economies, had made it eligible for being included in the future rescue efforts that would be made. He continued by saying that the market would start to look at other things as well. Ben Bernanke is of the view that the economy seems to be broadening, but they do not want to effectuate the momentum as the economic climate in the region remains uncertain.

The FedEx has also reported about the choppy nature of the recovery that has been seen and also said that they would be cutting capacity to the continent of Asia, as a number of businesses are now tightening their belts. At the same time, The Adobe Company has reported its strong earnings for the first quarter. The Island nation, Cyprus had been negotiating with a number of foreign economies in terms of providing aid to falling financial systems. A bailout deal can be a final option for them in order to save their economy from damnation.

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