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Sexual harassment: To be complained or not

If complaining about sexual harassment comes in the form of thrashing, then who dares take a step? Latest incident is a shocking one when where a video in Tarn Taran demonstrates policemen beat up a women and her family for complaining over a sexual harassment by truck drivers on Sunday. TV channels have been repeating the video of them being caned and slapped profusely. The girl reveals that she was returning from a wedding when some drivers passed unhealthy comments and vulnerably threatened her. On complaining of the same, these men not only bring shame to their “Khaki” by assaulting a girl and her family in public but also force us to raise a question about the security of women if police themselves are supposed to behave this way.

Reportedly the two policemen are, Saraj shah and Davinder Singh were the main accused captured in the video ill treating the girl, her father and the bother. They roughed her, slapped and the entire family was beaten by batons. The police men didn’t stop themselves from claiming that the family misbehaved with them. Aamaljit singh, Tarn Taran  SSP has his verdict to present “ After a brawl at the wedding with truck drivers, Kashmir Singh the father of the girl was drunk and charged the police when they confronted. On being taken to the police station the girl attacked them and in return the police had to charge with a cane in protection.   However the girl has her own verdict. There was no misbehavior from the family’s side and the attack by the police was unprovoked.

There has been a suspension order by Sukhbir Singh Badal, The Deputy chief minister and inquiry has been set up on the SP rank officer. A report of the entire incident is expected within seven day. The girl demands a strict action against both the policemen involved in the brawl. The physical abuses done to the girl has been taken note of by the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe panel. There are also promises form Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab that the guilty will not be spared. MP Naresh Gujral assures that a strict action will be taken, Police insensitivity is a serious issues and the happening was shameful. There is a strict need to resolve this out during the police training. Action shall be taken strictly against the erring officers. This is sure to take a political change but Gujral guarantee no political interference in the same.

Deputy CM said that over the last four years efforts have been made regarding gender sensitization in the Police force along with increasing the number of women officers. Instructions of using women police to deal with women crowd are there and no indiscipline like this will be tolerated.

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