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Ratan Tata finds first ever look of Ferrari terrific

Industrialist Ratan Tata gave a detailed look to the newly launched million-euro LaFerrai at an auto show in Geneva where the beauty was displayed on the stand of Italian super maker. Tata is a well known and among the wealthiest businessman of India and among the close friends of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Ferrari Chairman. Ferrari’s first-ever hybrid “looks terrific”, said Tata and left every one wondering whether he will buy one or not. Tata joked, “I don’t have the money,”. The issue here is debatable as every Ferrari out of 499 lined up for production has already been spoken for.

One of it has been already reserved by Chief Executive of Ferrari’s parent company Fiat (FIA.MI), Sergio Marchionne. The Geneva show has its most electrifying debut with Laferrari, the highlight is the car is its carbon-fiber sleek body or the top speed that goes up to 350 kilometers per hours; it is yet to be found.  Ferrari has always been popular but this one is the new breed when it comes to an electrifying combination of hyper hybrid sports car. This is a true mix of electric motor with an ever dominant gasoline engines. The question that seems to arise here is why a brand so renowned for the sashay pony badge on pure-bred gas guzzling supercars makes use of hybrid powertrain in a routine car.

Di Montezemolo answers it with two reasons, the first reason given by him was to improve the overall driving experience and the second is to be the emission standards of CO2. LaFerrai is an elite member of a posh group of Formula One Stawart Mclaren and Volkswagen’s Porsche. It was unveiled on Tuesday in the production version of its sports car P1.

Porsche is now through with 918 Spyder, McLaren and Ferrari have tailored latest technologies of their motorsports programme for such high end street legal sports cars. The extensive use of composites such as carbon fiber improves structural strength and reduces weight to quite an extent. The three changes were done keeping in mind the racing format and these hybrid systems make use of electrical energy and then use of latest to general power through the petrol engine. The main reason for Ferrari and Mclaren of adding such complexity is to deliver extensive performance from gasoline/electric powertrains equivalent or more than 900 horsepower.

Di Montezemolo also tells the side benefits that along with less CO2 emission it also has less fuel consumption as well. Tom Gage, CEO of California-based EV Grid and an expert on electric vehicles adds, Ferrari and McLaren will benefit from “the green image and the environmental implications of offering this technology”. LaFerrari comes with a 6.3 litre V12 engine, an electric motor that gives a horsepower of 963, 350km/hr as top speed that makes it the fastest Ferrari ever.

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