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Ocalan’s Letter Calls for Peace Talk in Turkey

Ocalan’s Letter Calls for Peace Talk in Turkey
Ocalan’s Letter Calls for Peace Talk in Turkey

It is reported that the jailed leader of Kurdish military group, Abdullah Ocalan, has been in fight with the army of Turkey since the last 30 years, starting from the struggle of arms and weapon to political conflicts and solutions.

Ocalan in a letter has stated that he wants the guns to go silent and ideas speak. this letter was read out by the lawmaker Sirri Sureyya Onder to the public crowding at the time of celebration of the Kurdish new year at the city of Diyarbair, the largest and biggest city in the southeast region of Kurdish. After reading the letter of Ocalan, the lawmaker asked all fighters of the PKK to drop their guns and opt for peace talks. He urged them to leave the nation so that new ideas of peace and development can be engaged in.

The call for peace by Abdullah Ocalan is the latest stage of the Prime Minister of the nation, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his initiative to end all conflicts and trouble that had resulted in death of more than 300 people. The conflict of this battle has also ended up in damage and loss of billions of dollars. The government and authorities of the Kudish nation had broken the taboo of Turkish region by engaging in peace talks with the PKK leaders who are considered and recognized as a terrorist organization that is operational at Turkey. Not only at Turkey, the PKK organization is also active in nations such as US and various European Unions.

Though it is not openly clear what measures and security concerns will be considered by Erdogan in order to meet the demands of the party in favor of self-government, the letter of Ocalan is definitely a step for the author to call for peace. Moreover it is understandable that the PKK organization enjoys maximum control at the reins of northern Iraq.

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