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Experts predicting success for Google’s new application

Experts predicting success for Google’s new application
Experts predicting success for Google’s new application

Google has launched a new application ‘’Google keep’’, that is an outstanding scratchpad that has other outstanding features. Before Google launched this application, users weren’t able to take notes on their android phones and this definitely caused a problem. Keep in mind that this feature was available in other phones such as Apple’s iPhone. Instead of not doing anything about it, the company decided to take things a bit further and create a new applications where users can stash their photos, save their notes, and even colour code them. This is definitely an application that customers are going to use on a daily basis.

This can all be done in a well-designed interface that is very easy to use as well. The second you access the application, you will find that notes can automatically be saved and they will immediately appear on your smartphone when you need them again. If you would like to delete these notes, the only thing you have to do is swipe your finger to the left and right and you will find that they have been erased entirely. At the application’s top, there is also a field for text entry which will serve as the main entry point for any new notes.

The best thing about being able to colour code the notes is that you are going to be able to re-order them whenever you need. According to Google, you will also be able to shares these notes to your e-mail address and Google+ as well. However, Google has also explained that they will enable users to share them in other places such as Twitter and Facebook after a couple of months. This is probably because the company would like to research customers response to the application first and whether anything can be done to improve it. Releasing this application means one thing, and that Google is obviously doing everything they can to be ahead of competition.

It is also obvious are trying to focus on increasing their profit and presence especially that Yahoo announced yesterday that they are planning to introduce a new product line. They have also announced that they are going to remove several of their applications by the end of this year as they are not popular among customers. This will also enable them to reduce costs and focus on spending money on applications and products that consumers really need.

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