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Dow Jones shares breaking records

Dow Jones shares breaking records
Dow Jones shares breaking records

Investors are definitely having a great week especially that they are on the verge of witnessing history if Dow jones stocks continue their historic increase. If Dow Jones shares continue increasing till Sunday, this would be the ninth day for the shares to reach the high since 1999. This is definitely great news for the United States stock market especially that most shares were in serious decline during the past few months. Many companies

Many investors are now questioning on whether this increase is good news or that the market is on the verge of falling because this is exactly what happened last time when stocks continued increasing for a week and then the results were disastrous. However, experts are almost 100% positive that Down Jones shares are going to break records and even if this is seen as a bit worrying to many people, the profits reaped are going to be greater than imagined. Many believe that this is mainly due to an improvement in the economy where the unemployment rates are decreasing and businesses are blooming once again. For now, investors are certainly going to have to wait to see what happens next week.

When it comes to the Dow jones stock shares, streaks for eight days are very rare, but not completely unheard of. Since 1998, there were six different winning streaks for eight days and these streaks are known for taking place in the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, other important indexes haven’t been improving at all. For example, the Wilshire 5000 index decreased by 0.2% yesterday and the S&P 500 is currently stable at 0.8%.

When it comes to other shares in the US stock market, shares of Nokia experienced extremely heavy trading as shares increased past $3.5 today. This was very surprising to investors and experts who thought that shares of mobile company are going to decrease due to the release of the new Samsung phone that is already expected to break records all over the world.

Another company that did great was Green innovations that also experienced heavy trading. Shares of the company traded to reach until $2 million and this is considered to be a 6% in the overall value. Swing Plane Company shares continued recovering after shares of the company decreased by $2 last week. This was great news for the company as shares increased by 5% and this is something that surprised many investors as well.

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