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Death of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela Mourns

Death of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela Mourns
Death of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela Mourns

With the death of President Hugo Chavez, the whole of Venezuela is in its mourning state as they part with their leader and president. As the nation gets divided in its mourning, they also get ready for a new presidential election in near future to replace Hugo.

On Tuesday, officials of Venezuelan called for a union of peace and unity after their president Hugo Chavez died. In television broadcasts, it was emphasized that all branches and department of the government as well as the military sector were standing in unity to pay respect to their parting president.

It has been announced that the new replacement election will be organized within 30 days; till then the works of the president will be operated by Vice president Nicolas Maduro. This news was revealed to the public in a state based interview of Elias Jaua, the foreign minister of the nation.

When announcing about the death news of Hugo, Maduro got emotional and tearful. He stated that the president was suffering from cancer and had been battling with the disease for long. He also asked people of the nation to be respectful and stay united in this situation even more.

“Venezuelans should stand together in this situation. This is a time to stay away from differences” says Henrique Capriles Radonski, one of the former candidates who had contested for the post of president. He also calls for harmony and unity to come out of this national mourning.

After the news of Chavez’s death, supporters and associates poured in the Caracas square where some were seen to be weeping quietly; while other waved flags and pictures of the president as their last respect. Till now, there has been no news or report of violence in the nation; however tension is visible in the streets of Venezuela as people head to home from work.

To ensure the safety and security of common people, military forces are being deployed in the streets, immediately after the death of Chavez, states Adm. Diego, the defense minister of the nation. Seven days of mourning throughout the nation has been announced along with half-mast flags as homage to their president. For three days, the body of Chaves will be kept in the military academy of Caracas till his funeral rites which are to be performed on Friday.

The news of Hugo Chavez’s death was announced after Maduro talked with the political as well as military leaders of the nation, to ensure no violence break-off. It is said that the president was suffering from cancer and his health condition was getting worse gradually.

Though details about the president’s disease was never disclosed in detail, the diagnosis of was revealed in June 2011. There are speculations that some may have infected Chavez with cancer deliberately.

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