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BlackBerry shares sinking, Dell increases

BlackBerry shares sinking, Dell increases
BlackBerry shares sinking, Dell increases

Today was definitely a very interesting day for technological companies as many investors experienced a lot of surprised. It is becoming obvious that the new phone isn’t going to life the position of blackberry in the stock market. Many experts predicted that the shares of Blackberry are going to improve as this is the case whenever a new product is released by a company. This wasn’t the case at all as shares of blackberry decreased by 7% ever since the Z10 was launched. However, it isn’t all bad news to the company as stock market experts predict that shares of the company are going to improve next week. Shares of Apple and Samsung remained stable today and this has been the case all week. This comes after Samsung experienced an improvement in their shares after the release of the new phone which proved that Samsung is the dominant in the smartphone sector.

Shares of Dell have also increased by 3% because the company is considering two other buyout bids. It is expected that shares of Dell are going to continue increasing until the deal is closed. Shares of Electronic Arts Company increased by 2.8% during the pre-market process of trading after the new CEO transition. Last week, the company announced that the CEO is going to quit after six years and that the company has already decided who will take his place. The Dow and S&P 500 also decreased today and this is something that was somewhatfrustrating for investors who thought that Dow Jones shares are going to continue increasing this week as well.

Netflix experienced an improvement in the stock market today where shares increased by 5% today. This has definitely been a great year for Netflix where their shares in the beginning of the year were $92 and now they are close to reach $200. Shares of Yahoo decreased to reach $23 today and this was surprising to many stock market analysts especially that the company announced the release of a new product line-up. Shares of Google also improved today after it was announced that a new application is going to be released. Phoenix University also experienced an increase in their shares after the amount of students signing up to the next semester increased dramatically. Internationally, this wasn’t a great day for the stock market in Europe as most of the major indexes experienced a serious decrease today.

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