About Us

There’s a lot happening at Market Voice News. You hear it in the incredible breadth of news covered, in reports about how an issue affects your world. The Market Voice News is designed as a resource for those curious about and want to keep up with the latest happenings. You’ll find detailed coverage on Business, Finance, Sports, Technology and Entertainment and recent announcements, downloadable resources, staff bios, awards lists and contacts for media. We hope you’ll linger and dive into content that piques your curiosity – and discover new and untold stories along the way.

Market Voice News takes into consideration the views and opinions of the population at large and simultaneously work for the upliftment of the weaker sections and groups. To preserve and encourage a democratic setup it voices issues relating to good governance and transparency.

The institution endorses and encourages ideals of grassroots coverage, media advocacy and citizen journalism. News values have been redefined and structured to cover the developmental issues in the socio-political domain at large, where the need of development is most important and an immediate concern.

Powered by a group of committed professionals, the organisation seeks an overall emancipation and fosters equality: social, political and economic, based on the concept of a welfare state. The policies have been framed following a socialist pattern and order. However, the real strength of Market Voice News lies with its laudable audience, where communicates and interacts to make up its rich and diverse content.

Market Voice News welcomes contribution from all people regardless of their interest and making aware to all that is happening around us. So if you are thinking that we have left out some core issues then please bring it to all our notice and better submit an article written by you. But make sure that any of your article submission doesn’t breach copyright of any person or organisation.

Market Voice News is dedicated to publishing a “modern” news that leverages the power of both the internet and print. We aspire to be the truest, active dimensional news and entertainment source. Our vision is to always focus on what is happening in the world around us but never forgetting that our communities are important, too. Our content is written by our staff as well as by professional journalist reporters from around the globe.

Market Voice News has fast entrenched itself into the lives of the young and dynamic readers. Through news, views, analyses and interactivity, Market Voice News provides readers with a composite unbiased picture of the city, the country and the world around them.

Besides breaking content, Our print editions will be distributed monthly.